Last Sunday ride 25/7/2010

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Well Sunday 25/7/210 wasn't the best Sunday for me..! Thinking I would do a ride due to having to work during the week & missing the Tue & Thursday ride may have been a bit off a mistake.. Woke up 5:00am & walked outside, it was wet but not raining so said to the BOSS (wife) I will go. Left the bike shop around 6:15am feeling good & we headed to Woodford, turned around at Woodford after coffee stop. Heading back was droped half way back, was almost at my front door only 200mtr on the Corner of King st & Bellmere rd (Pool) when I speeded up to get the green arrow. Due to there not being rain for sometime the road was a little wet but very greasy. Corner wet greasy = me not staying on my bike....! Stood up & picked up my bike off the road & stood it up against the power pole, as I was doing this a lovely lady was asking me was I OK. (MY BIKE IS OK) I throught I was until my legs went out from underneath me & I ended up on my back, next thing I notice is 3/4 more people standing around me all doing there bit to help, someone was on the phone to the ambulance, a young guy in a ute was talking to me & I asked him could he go down the hill to my place & ask the wife to come up & get my bike??? This wasn't a problem for him & off he went. Tony & Denise then arrived & they asked was i alright Tony also checked my bike & put the chain back on so the wife could take it home. Everyone was so helpfull & supportive & a big thankyou goes out to Tony & Denise & the members off the community who were a very big help. To cut a long story short, 3 broken ribs & a broken collarbone later looks like my bike will collect a bit off dust for a few weeks )-: The whole point to this BLOG is there are really nice members off the community out there who will support bike riders & look after us when we need help.......! (-:

Yep not happy Jane.

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Thanks Tim...! The thing that really concerns me is I was only doing 9.5 klm hour, I know this due to the information from my Garmin. What could have been the damage if I was going faster????? I guess we don't hold together real well the older we get & bits broken for the 2nd & 3rd time....! lol


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thats a tough story Mick. hope the ribs and collarbone heal up  nicely - i have brokedn my collarbone riding - (or should i say crashing) as has Geoff Broad. and theres nothing can be done for it - get to love the pain relief of Tramol - ask the doc for the 150mg stuff - however be warned its quite addicitive and i found it hard coming down off it after about a week on it.

it is nice to hear that the community rallies round when theres someone on the ground - i often think of what would happen now im older - when i was younger id ride home with broken bones and cuts and bruises - nowadays im less tough i think...

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