Workshop Charges

bikelab Our work shop is staffed by skilled mechanics who are able to quickly and easily diagnose your bikes faults and recommend the appropriate repairs. Denise and Tony have 30 years experience between them.

We carry an extensive range of parts and accessories to service most of your needs but can order virtually overnight anything you require.

Tabled below are some of our workshop charges which should be used only as a guide to the value of your repair as multiple jobs carried out at the same time will lower the final cost


BRONZE SERVICE adjust cones and bottom bracket tension where needed. Check integrity of all brake and gear cables and replace where necessary. Adjust brakes replace pads if worn, lube gears and tune [ includes derailleur hanger alignment service ]. Check tyres for wear and cuts replace if required inflate to correct pressure. $79.00
SILVER SERVICE Includes everything from the Bronze service PLUS
remove front and rear wheel axles, cranks & bottom bracket and service and replace all cup and coned bearings. Check torque wrench settings of components.

Approx. parts cost

Bearings $15.00

GOLD SERVICE Includes everything form the Bronze and Silver Services PLUS removing all components from the frame, including front forks. Degrease frame, forks,drive train, all components and polish where necessary. Rebuild bike replacing all cables and cup and cone bearings, retape handle bars and refit new brake pads if necessary. Replace sealed bearings where needed. $199.00 + parts

Approx parts cost:- $75.00

Bar tape, cable sets, coned bearings


Drive Chain

Rear Derailleur

Adjust parameter screws.  Lube derailleur and cables and adjust to correct cable tension.  

Check chain and cogs for wear


Realign rear derailleur hanger and check and adjust rear drop-out alignment.  Recheck rear derailleur set up.  Fit new derailleur hanger if necessary


Front Derailleur

Check and adjust parameter screws.  Check and adjust height and alignment of derailleur on the frame.  Lube derailleur and cables and check and adjust cable tension




Remove and refit chain




Multiple Freewheel 

Ezy Off bmx cog                

remove and refit               


Not Ezy Off BMX Cog

remove and refit               



remove and refit


Bottom Bracket

remove and refit   

(incl crank removal)


pedals remove  and refit $15.00
pedals fit cleats and carry out cleat rotation $15.00
pedals service bearings $15.00 [ each ]
wheels [ rear ] replace tyre or tube $15.00
wheels [ front] replace tyre or tube $10.00
wheels rebuild $40.00
wheels true $25.00
hubs service bearings $30.00
hubs replace cassette body $38.00
hubs replace axle and cones $30.00
hubs MAVIC service cassette body $38.00
hubs CAMPAGNOLO service cassette body and axle $45.00
brakes [road bike] Fit sti levers cable and calipers $60.00
brakes [mountain bike ] Fit rapid fire levers V brakes and cables $60.00
Brakes [Hydraulic ] Fit hydraulic levers cables and calipers $60.00
if hoses have to be modified + $35.00 pair

Brake Service

Rear brake calliper ‘V’ or ‘U’ or mechanical disc

Remove and refit cables, lube pivot point.  Check brake pad wear and replace if necessary.  Check brake pad alignment.  Check spring tensions


Front brake calliper ‘V’ or ‘U’ Or mechanical disc

Remove and refit cables, lube pivot point.  Check brake pad wear and replace if necessary.  Check brake pad alignment.  Check spring tensions


Rear/front brake hydraulic


Remove and refit brake pads [ pair ]


Bleed hoses [ each ]


True rotor [ each ]


Remove refit calliper [ each ]


Remove refit lever [ pair ]


Planned Service Maintenance

progmaintWolves Bike Den has a fully equipped professional workshop with three equipped workstations. With 30+ years experience let our licensed mechanics take care of your mechanical needs from assembling kids bikes to rebuilding your Campagnolo Ergo levers. Workshop charges vary from time to time so P.O.A. However, you can take advantage of our ‘Planned Service Maintenance’ program which utilises our quieter periods to pre book your Bronze, Silver and Gold Services with a MASSIVE 20% OFF that means a $60.00 SAVING on your GOLD SERVICE plus we will offer 15% OFF ANY ACCESSORIES bought at the same time as the service. Book online using our new app for IPhones and Android phones. Search for 'Wolvesbikes' on the App Store/Play Store or simply scan our QR code to get directly linked to it.


[ applies only to our RRP and not in conjunction with any other offers or our ‘Deals to howl about service’ ] 

Event Support Vehicle

supportvehicle Our team bus is a Mercedes Sprinter 308CDI. It is equipped to carry 5 people with storage for carrying 10+ bicycles with an equipped workshop on board. We are available (conditions apply) to help with cycle events, transporting people and equipment and offering a mobile mechanical service at events.


Computerised Biometrics and Race Recording


This area of our sport is changing incredibly fast. There are many different products available to measure, record, download, and share your riding data. Wireless data recording in our opinion offers the best way to record anything, simply because it eliminates unsightly cabling , the risk of snagging a cable and of course makes it easier to clean your machine. Recently many corporations have joined the ant+ alliance meaning they share the same interoperability function allowing them to communicate on the 2.4GHz ISM band. This allows your Cyclops Powertap  / Garmin  / SRM crank / Bontrager Duo Trap etc., to communicate to each other wirelessly. For many of us it is too confusing to decide which way to go, and we just don’t understand, so before you make a decision, please come in and seek some independent advice and we’ll help you to make an informed choice.


Bike Lab

bikelab With over 30 years of experience in bicycle mechanics, we are pleased to offer our customers the benefits of our fully equipped workshop.Recently renovated we have increased our workstations to three to increase our efficiency.We are happy to carry out all types of servicing including wheel building, suspension fork servicing, bleeding and servicing of hydraulic brakes. We carry a comprehensive range of spare parts in stock and can usually order  non stock items overnight. For pricing check our ‘workshop charges’ but for full services go to ‘programmed service maintenance’ .

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